Command Line Syntax

maly2tiff is command line driven. The syntax is described below:

maly2tiff MALYfile TIFFfile -dpi:DPI [options]

  maly2tiff                 complete path and name of the executable

  MALYfile                  complete path/name of the MALY job deck file

  TIFFfile                  path/name of the output tiff file.            

  -dpi:DPI                  Tiff resolution in DPI.

optional command line arguments

  -win:llx,lly,urx,ury      Extract window in microns (OASIS units).

                            llx,lly (lower left x coordinate, y coordinate)

                            urx,ury (upper right x coordinate, y coordinate)

                            Default is extract the home view.

  -layers:l1,l2             Layers to be extracted.

                            Default is extract all layers.

  -debug                    Debug mode preserves various temporary files for analysis.

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