maly2tiff Revision History

Version 1.02 1-13-12

Silent Mode and Log File

-silent turns on silent mode where all progress, logging and error messages will not be printed to the terminal.
-silent:logfile turns on silent mode with logging and error messages being saved to the specified log file.

Maly2tiff and Mbs2tiff Outputs Do Not Have The Same Width and Height

-Maly2tiff generates Tiff output that snaps to 8 pixel alignment with the first pixel being the top left corner of the full mask (not the left pixel of the specified window). The width and height of the Tiff output therefore might not be exactly the same as the specified -width and -height. They also might not be the same as the output from Mbs2tiff even if all run settings are the same.

Version 1.01 12-23-11

OASIS Files Directory

Added command line option -oasdir: to specify the directory where all the OASIS files are instead of using the ROOT record directory plus OASIS path/filename. e.g.

1. Default ROOT record behavior:

   ROOT OASIS.MASK /tmp/mask
   SREF set1/test.oas

   The OASIS file is /tmp/mask/set1/test.oas

2. If -oasdir:/user/oas is specified:

   The OASIS file to be used is /user/oas/test.oas

Tiff Width and Height Options

Added -width: and -height: command line options to specify the Tiff output width or height pixels. If only one of -width: or -height: is specified, the specified dimension will be fitted approximately to the specified number of pixels. If both -width: and -height: are specified, then the side with the higher DPI would be used. The window area aspect ratio is maintained.
e.g. With -width:1000 -height:500 -win:0,0,100,100
you won't get a 1000 x 500 Tiff output, you will get a 1008 x 1008 output instead (because of aspect ratio and snapping).
Similarly, -dpi: can be used to specify the DPI. The Tiff output in pixels will then be calculated according to the window area size.
All Tiff pixels are snapped to 8 pixel alignment according to the full mask size as specified in the Maly file.

Default Tiff Output

Default Tiff output is approximately 1000 x 1000 pixels. Now -dpi: is not a mandatory command line control anymore.
If -dpi: is not specified, the default Tiff size of 1000 x 1000 pixels is used.

Select Masks To Draw

Added 3 new command line options, -masks: -cmaskon -cmaskoff, to control which masks to draw.
Specify -cmaskon to draw the structure groups in the cmask.
Specify -cmaskoff to not draw the structure groups in the cmask.
By default, the cmask structure groups are drawn.
The parameters in cmask are always used even with -cmaskoff.
Use -masks:name1,name2 to specify the masks to be drawn. The names of the masks are separated by comma. Use -masks: with no names to turn off all masks.

Masks with No Title Section

If a mask (Cmask or Mask) has no title section, the mask is not drawn according to the spec. But Maly2tiff does not follow this rule. Use -cmaskon -cmaskoff -masks: to control whether a mask is drawn or not. By default, the cmask and all masks are drawn.

No Tiff Output If No Data In The Window Area

In the previous version, if no data exists in the window area, no Tiff output is generated. Now it generates a blank Tiff output.

Tiff Output DPI

The DPI info in the Tiff output is always 72 in the previous version. And there is a warning that the DPI is set to 72 when running the program. Both of these are now fixed, the specified DPI is now correctly embedded in the Tiff output and there's no warning message regarding a missing DPI being set to 72.

ROOT NEO and EB Support

According to RAVE's customer, the ROOT record can have the keyword NEO and EB. These 2 keywords are now supported just like the keyword OASIS.MALY in the spec.
According to RAVE's customer:
"These commands indicate that the job is compliant with the OASIS.NEO and OASIS.EB standards that are enhancements to the OASIS.MALY format agreed to by DNP, HITACHI, JEOL, and NUFLARE as a unified mask data format."

No Support for Maly Title Strings

RAVE does not need Maly title strings and thus they remain unsupported.

Version 1.00a 11-23-11

Initial Release

This is the first release of maly2tiff on Linux.

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