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Converting OASIS to GDSII using hextract

Below you will see examples of how to use hextract to convert OASIS files to GDSII.

Convert complete OASIS file to GDSII...

Convert OASIS file input.oas to GDSII (output.gds) - keep hierarchy, convert all layers and no window extraction.

/home/cad/hextract/artwork/hextract64 input.oas output

Extract a Window from OASIS file to GDSII...

Window extraction of a hierarchical file from OASIS layout to GDSII file out.gds. All layers.

/home/cad/hextract/artwork/hextract64 demo5.oas out -window:500,500,1000,1000

Extract a Window from OASIS file to GDSII...

Only convert layers 1,2,3 from OASIS layout to GDSII.

/home/cad/hextract/artwork/hextract64 demo5.oas out -layers:1,2,3

Extract a Cell and its Children from OASIS file to GDSII...

Extract a cell (and its children) from OASIS file to GDSII.

hextract64 input.oas output.gds -cell:MYCELL

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