GDSVU is a low cost, easy to use program for viewing GDSII stream files on PCs running Windows 2000/NT/XP. It was developed for mask designers and service bureaus that need to examine a GDSII database visually. The desiger can quickly view the file to determine:

  • database units and resolution
  • critical dimensions
  • structure names and hierarchy
  • extents of structures
  • layers containing data

    Many hours have been saved using this program at our in-house translation service.

    GDSVU loads and displays stream files quickly. The mask designer does not need to know anything about the GDSII file nor to create a technology file in advance to read in an unknown stream file. Within seconds the designer can have a list of all layers containing data as well as a list of structures used in the drawing.



    • Menu Driven
    • Supports GDSII Versions 3 through 6
    • Display lib header, db units and resolution
    • User defined layer colors and fills
    • Saves and remembers display settings
    • Measure dimensions
    • Snaps to vertex or grid
    • Stores up to 10 different views in RAM for instant display
    • Displays text with height control
    • View any selected structure
    • Highlights illegal boundaries
    • Supports up to 1024 layers
    • Supports up to 4096 vertices
    • Network support


    Large Files

    • A new GDSII viewer, Qckvu, has been developed to handle large GDSII files (ranging from 100MB to 2GB on Windows)

    Printing & Plotting

    Virtually all Windows printers are supported up to 11 x 17 page sizes. If you need to plot larger pages use our GDSPLOT software.

    PCL (HP laser printers)

    RTL (color injkets and plotters)

    Postscript II

    Windows BMP


    Platform Requirements

    Windows NT/2000/XP

    PIII/P4/Athlon Class CPU

    128 MB RAM or more

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