XGDSVU is a low cost, easy to use program for viewing GDSII stream files on UNIX workstations. It was developed for mask designers and service bureaus that need to examine a GDSII database visually. The desiger can quickly view the file to determine:

  • Database units and resolution
  • Critical dimensions
  • Structure names and hierarchy
  • Extents of structures
  • Layers containing data
Many hours have been saved using this program at our in-house translation service.

XGDSVU loads and displays stream files quickly. The mask designer does not need to know anything about the GDSII file, or have to create a technology file in advance to read in an unknown stream file. Within seconds the designer can have a list of all layers containing data as well as a list of structures used in the drawing.

Plotter modules are a part of XGDSVU; standard modules include:

  • Postscript Level II for monochrome and color laser and thermal printers

  • PCL for HP LaserJets and compatibles

  • Color RTL for HP 650C, 750C, 250C and small injkets

Features Advanced Features

  • Supports up to 256 layers instead of 64.

  • Supports up to 4096 vertices per path/polygon instead of 200.

Large Files? Use Qckvu

XGDSVU supports files on the order of 1 to 25 MB. If you regularly need to view much larger files in the range up to several GB we recommend you evaluate our 2nd generation viewer: Qckvu.

Platforms Supported

Solaris HPUX



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