User Interface

GDSPLOT for Windows is controlled from the Main Menu shown below. Click on any of the menu buttons below or on a link to the right for more information.

gdsplot main menu
Select GDSII File Menu Structure Selection Menu Configuration Options Plot/Page Definition Menu Plot Configuration Layer Fill Colors Menu Start Plotting View GDSII Data Display Log Info

The buttons take you step-by-step through the translation process.

  • GDSII File - Opens a dialog box allowing the user to select the GDSII file to plot.
  • Structure - Opens a dialog box which enables the user to select the structure to plot.
  • Configure Options - Opens a dialog box which controls the various plotting options.
  • Plot/Page Definitions - Opens a dialog box which controls the plot window, layers to plot, scaling, and number of plots.
  • Setup Plotter Parameters - Opens a dialog box which defines the plotter's page size, orientation, margins, plotter driver, output port and DPI.
  • Setup Layer Fills and Colors - Opens a dialog box which helps create a table of layers, fill patterns, linewidth, color and type.
  • Start Plotting - Fires up the plotting engine.
  • View GDSII Data - Launches the GDSVU Program for viewing of translated data.
  • Display Log Info - Opens a text box for the user to scroll through the log file generated by the plot file.

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