HP plotter prints excess blank paper at the end of the plot.

In some cases, clients complained that their plotter is feeding blank paper at the end of the plot. This seems to happen when the page defined is say 36x36 inch. Even if the plot area is much smaller (say 12x12 inch plot area), the plotter will still feed another 24 inch of blank paper. That of course causes a waste of paper.

We found out that this problem can happen due to two things:

1. Plotter is setup to the wrong page size - On the plotter itself, go to Page Setup, and set the Page Size to Inked Area.

2. Older Firmware on the plotter- Older versions of the plotter's firmware such as A.02.01 can cause the same problem. To avoid that, upgrade to a later release such as A.02.14 and that will take care of the problem (assuming the page size is Inked Area).

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