IGDSPLOT Variable names you can set within Virtuoso

Customers often requested us to add variable names to IGDSPLOT which can be used to store default file and directory names. Most of the default settings for IGDSPLOT can be found in the user's home directory under a directory name called .artwork/igdsplot.Xdefaults
The variable names defined in the .cdsinit file will overwrite the ones in the default file. They can be used as global defaults and will effect all the users. Here is a list of available variables you can define in your .cdsinit file

    ACS_WORKING_DIR             Working directory of current plot.
    ACS_PLOT_FILE               Define plot.cfg file to use.
    ACS_COLOR_MODE              Automatic/Manual generation of map/pat files.
    ACS_DEVICE_NAME             Cadence device name used for color definitions.
    ACS_MAP_FILE                Default map file to be used.
    ACS_PAT_FILE                Default pattern file to be used.
    ACS_DELETE_FILES            Indicates whether to delete intermediate files.
    ACS_CLOSE_LOG               Close log file when plot finishes.
    ACS_ERROR_LOG               Display log file when an error occurs.
    ACS_PLOTTER_CONFIGURATION   Define a plotter configuration to be used.
    ACS_STREAM_MODE             Define mode for stream layer generation.
    ACS_STREAM_MAP_FILE         Define a stream map file to be used.

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