HP800 plotter does not plot RTL files

In some cases customers experienced problems when sending RTL files to the HP800 and HP800PS plotters. After the RTL file is sent to the plotter an error message appears on the plotter screen :

      ATTENTION 61:05
      Error Processing Job
      Does Not Printgdsplot.map mq_inpad -job:mq_inpad.job

We found out that this error can happen when the plotter is set up to expect plotting language different than HPGL/RTL.

Three things you should try:

1. If you prefer to stay with the Postscript language as the default language on the plotter, than you should use our PSII driver. In the Plotter Configuration menu of xgdsplot, change the driver from RTL to PSII which is a raster postscript driver.
What we recommend is
2. Set the Plot Language on the plotter to HPGL2. Then try to plot our sample RTL file which is in the "xgdsplot/bin" directory. You do that by typing..
lp -d plotter_name colors.rtl

If you get a plot, than you are set. If not, than you should try option 3 below..

3. Installing Jetadmin software on Solaris 2.51 and up ...

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