Running gdsplot/w in Batch mode

Before running gdsplot Windows in batch mode, one must run the user interface at least once to generate the correct setup files.
1. When running Gdsplot from the GUI, it generates a file called gdsbatch.bat
   in the working directory after clicking the Start Plot button.  This might
   be helpful to understand the command line for plotting.  The following
   files are necessary to do a plot in addition to the command line.

2. The Cfg File

   The Cfg file contains information about the fonts, font scales, the layers
   to be plotted, the area to be plotted.  Use the Gdsplot GUI, Plot Page
   Definition to configure this file.  It is usually named as .cfg.

3. The Map File

   This file contains the layers color, fill pattern and line type for plotting.
   Usually named as .map.  Each line contains the layer number (or
   layer:datatype number), then the fill pattern number (as defined in
   colfill.pat), then the line color number, then the linetype number, then
   a double quote (").  A description string follows the double quote if desired.

   We recommend using the Gdsplot GUI, Setup Layers Fills and Colors, to configure
   a .map file.
4. The Job File

   This file is generated by running gscan.exe on the GDSII file.
   Command line to run gscan:

   "c:\wcad\gdsplot\gscan.exe" "c:\tmp\demo1.gds" -sea "-job:c:\tmp\demo1.job"

   After the job file is created, add or change the :Cfg line to have the name
   of the .cfg file and the :Cfg2 line to have the name of the .map file.  e.g.

   :Cfg   c:\tmp\demo1.cfg
   :Cfg2  c:\tmp\

5. Plot.cfg

   We recommend using the Gdsplot GUI, Setup Plotter Parameters, to configure
   a plot.cfg and save it for latter use.  The plot.cfg has to be in the
   directory where the command line is run.

6. The Command Line


   "GDSII File"     the input GDSII file
   "Cfg File"       .cfg file.
   "Map File"       .map file.
   "Structure"      the structure to be plotted.
   "-job:Job File"  .job file.
   "-pat:Pat File"  .pat file, normally c:\wcad\gdsplot\colfill.pat.
   [-RAM#]          # is GDSII Ram in MB.
   [-explode]       to set output control to enhanced mode.
   [-lvl#]          # is the nesting level to be plotted.
   -a#              # is the array reference mode, 0,1 or 2.

   "D:\WCAD\GDSPLOT\gdsplt.exe" "D:\WCAD\GDSPLOT\EXAMPLES\demo1.gds"
   "-job:D:\WCAD\GDSPLOT\EXAMPLES\demo1.job" "-pat:D:\WCAD\GDSPLOT\colfill.pat" -RAM64 -a1

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