DRC Engine

The lightweight DRC was first developed as a plug-in for Qckvu3. However there are applications where a command line based engine is preferred by the user.

  DRC Engine Flow

Command Line Syntax

drcengine.exe  gdsii_input structure_name rule_deck output_report  [options]


drcengine.exe           drc engine executable

gdsii_input             name of the GDSII file to check

rule_deck               the rule deck containing rules and parameters

output_report           the output report file (an ascii text file)


-h, --help              displays the command line

-findmin:               Finds the minimum distance value if no violations
                        were found

-silent                 The program will not print anything on the screen

-log:<logFileName>      Creates a log file

-sort_by_xy             Sorts the results by xy coordinates

-sort_by_err            Sorts the results by measurement value (default)

-no_sort                Disables default sorting option

More Information

Rule Deck Output Syntax Example

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