CIFVU Unix Revision History

The following are changes, fixes and enhancements to CIFVU. Where version numbers are skipped, it is normally due to the fact that the version never left the development area.

v1.05 May 29, 1998

Y2K Update
Updated the License server software to LSERV4 to make it Y2K compatible.

v1.04 Jan 30, 1998

Map File Load is Fixed

If a cif file has already been viewed, the map file selection is stored in the CIFVU.CFG file. When the same file is viewed again, the map file information should be restored. This was not done correctly in the previous versions. User had to go to the layer parameter dialog and click on Save button, in order to store the settings. Fixed.

v1.03 (Jan 15, 1998)

Fixed a Plotting Bug

Under some rare condition, plotting might fail with a "pipe error". This is now fixed.

v1.02 (Jan 7, 1998)

Fixed bug with mirrored cell

- Cell call with mirror and rotation was drawn incorrectly due to wrong order of rotation before mirroring. Fixed.

v1.01 (Jan 5, 1998)

Added Additional Platforms

ported CIFVU to HPUX, AIX, SUN/OS and Solaris.

v1.00 12/24/97

Initial Release of CIFVU

CIFVU is built on the XGDSVU skeleton.
The initial version is released on Solaris and SunOS.
the Plot Legend is not yet working but will be fixed in the next release.
Product number is 1600.

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