Download CIF2GDS for Unix

We would love to have you try out our CIF2GDS software. To try it, please download the proper release and then send an email to:

We'll send back an email shortly with the unzipping password and temporary keystrings for the machine's hostid.
Include in your email:
Name: ___________________

Company: ________________

Address: ________________

Tel:     ________________

email:   ________________

Intended Use:      ___________________



Machine's hostid:  ___________________

Sun Solaris  
asm651.solaris.v136.tar 11 MB Requires Solaris 2.8 or higher. You will need an install password to unpack the release and key codes to install and execute the program.

asm651.linux.v136.tar 12MB Mbyte tar file.
hostinfo.linux.tar Run this utility on your Linux box and send us the hostid it reports.
lmhostid.tar 409KB -- Untar and run lmhostinfo on your machine and it will return a hostid (i.e. a number such as 0x7869ab005 ) You must email this hostid value to Artwork in order for us to generate you a license string. The hostid command commonly available on Unix does not work on Linux.




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