ODB++ Importer for ADS

Program Flow

The ODB++ Importer relies on the fact that virtually every PCB layout software can export an ODB++ file for manufacturing. The ODB++ database contains the conductor layout, the drill data and generally net list and component information.

Why Use Artwork's Version?

Why use Artwork's ODB++ importer into ADS when there is already a built-in importer?


    The Artwork ODB++ parser is more robust. Artwork has over 5 years of experience in reading ODB++ formats and has sold hundreds of ODB++ processor licenses for use in the PCB imaging and inspection industry. By virtue of running our parser through thousands and thousands of files we have been able to add support for all kinds of unusual (but legal) constructions.


    Artwork's ODB++ front end (NETEX-G) allows the user to extract just the desired nets or just a desired window. With today's very large PCBs this is a critical feature that the built-in ODB++ importer lacks.


    Artwork's ODB++ importer automates some important tasks such as the substrate generation, via generation and port generation that the built-in importer does not.

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