AWR Related Translators/Importers


Artwork has developed, in conjunction with AWR, two translators that enable the MW Office product to import layout data from PCB design tools: AWROut - a direct interface to Cadence's Allegro and NETEX-AWR - an importer of ODB++ data generated by most PCB design software.

cadence allegro flow to AWR Microwave Office

                Cadence Allegro flow to AWR's Microwave Office.

ODB++ flow to AWR Microwave Office

          Flow from other PCB layout tools (via ODB++) to AWR's Microwave Office

One of our goals in writing these translators was to pass as much intelligence as possible from the PCB layout/database into Microwave Office. This means that in addition to geometry, we are able to pass components, pins and nets.

The other function we added is the ability to selectively import either by net or by region. Most large PCBs need not (and cannot) be completely simulated. Instead the signal integrity engineer focuses on critical high speed nets or circuits. By reducing the amount of unnecessary data passed to the simulator these importers also reduce set up time and simulation time.


AWROut (Allegro)

AWROut runs inside of Cadence's Allegro board layout software. Once a design has been completed (or critical parts have been completed) you can export all of part of the design to our 3DI file format.

MW Office has a 3DI import wizard that brings the file into MW Office will intelligence - layer stackups, traces, pads, shapes, pins, nets and components.



There are a significant number of PCB layout tools used in the industry - to write a tool specific converter for each one would be difficult at best. Instead, We have developed a translator for the ODB++ format - an advanced data format used by large PCB manufacturers.

Almost every PCB layout system can export ODB++. From this format we can create layer stackups, conductors, pins, components and nets in MW Office. Again, the user can select all of the design or filter by net or region.

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BRD23D (Allegro)

A combination of AWROut along with a custom engine for batch extracting geometry from Allegro and producing a 3D STEP or 3D parasolid output.