Filled Text

Sometimes user's have experienced the filling of text after translating a file. Below is an example of what text may look like when it is translated wrong and becomes filled. As you can see, the text is completely illegible.

There are usually two possible explainations for this problem:


In ASM 500/502, Go to
Configure Menu > Text Fonts/Options.
The DXF Text Settings Menu will
appear (shown below).

Under the section Selected Fillable Fonts, notice that simplex has been chosen. This field should be EMPTY. To clear it, click on simplex in the Fonts in DXF File section.

Repeat the translation process and this should clear up the problem.


In GBRVU go to View > Display Mode and make sure it is set it to Normal, (shown at right).

When text is properly displayed it should look like the example below shown in Artwork's GBRVU.

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