CAD Translation Services CAD Translation Services

Artwork Conversion Software offers translation services for a variety of databases.

Formats Supported
  • DXF
  • Gerber
  • IGES
  • ME-10
  • EGS
  • CIF
  • MANN
  • Electromask
  • HPGL
  • PCBs
  • Hybrids
  • RF Circuits
  • Microwave Circuits
  • MCMs
  • Analog boards
  • Test boards
  • Burn-in boards
  • Chemically milled parts
  • Panel Silk Screens
  • IC Packages
Fast Turnaround

In most cases we can turn around your file in 12 to 24 hours. Since we do file conversion for a living we have written many "cleanup" programs to aid in quickly and correctly translating your data. Files received in the morning are often returned after lunch.

Electronic Access

Files can be transfered to us electronically by:

FTP - in-house ftp server
Email - attach your file to an email.


Costs vary depending on the complexity of the translation and how well the source data is prepared. For example, a typical DXF to Gerber translation can cost from $150 to $175. If a drawing requires more than nominal editing we will contact you and give you a firm quote before proceeding further. Board and mask shops can obtain discounts for open POs. For quotes email Hagai Pettel or call him at (831) 426-6163.

Setting up an Account

For one time translations we accept Visa or MasterCard. For ongoing projects companies can issue an open PO. Email Hagai Pettel for details or call him at (831) 426-6163.

Design Rules

Designers will find our application notes useful if they are not familiar with the target database. For example, one of our most popular application notes is "Using AutoCAD to Design PCB Boards" which offers hints and guides on how best to create your board drawing.

Mask and Board Shop Services

Many mask and PCB shops have offloaded their DXF to Gerber translations to us. We do 5-10 such translations per day and our experience and in-house tools enable us to do so quickly and correctly. If your CAD department is bogged down by this type of translation contact us.

pdfsmall.gif Datasheet [ PDF Datasheet 4 pp 107 Kbytes]

Batch Translations

We also offer batch translation for clients who have thousands of files to translate. To date, our largest batch translation was over 30,000 files for a Danish company who was converting from ME-10 to AutoCAD. We use our own translation software and have written many custom programs in C and scripts in awk that enable us to run thousands of files in a few days. We handle problems such as name translation (unix to DOS), relinking hierarchy and creating custom fonts so that the drawings on the target system match the oringinal drawings.

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