Setup Layer Fills and Colors

This dialog box is used to:

    1. Modify the fill patterns and line colors assigned to each layer.

    2. Load a completely new MAP file or Fill Pattern File.

    3. Load a "preset" MAP file and Color Pattern File.

Colors and Fills by Layer

Each layer's appearance is controlled by these parameters:

  • Outline Color
  • Outline Line Type
  • Outline Line Weight
  • A Bitmapped Fill Pattern

The Dialog Box Controls

Layer No.
You can effectively ignore any data in this column.  The Layer No. is the GDSII layer number corresponding to the L-Edit layer name. If you have set a GDSII layer association then this will be it. If you didn't the PLOT macro will automatically do so. The reason for this layer association is that the PLOT macro actually uses a temporary GDSII file as its input.

This small box should show the outline color and line type for all polygons and wires for the given layer. Clicking on this box will pop open a new dialog that enables you to modify the outline color, type (various dot-dash combinations) and weight.

This small box should show an approximation of the fill pattern. Clicking on the box will pop open a large fill pattern dialog box that will display the available fills. Clicking on one of the available fills will set the fill pattern for the layer under consideration. Note: The available fill patterns are either those automatically generated on the fly from the L-Edit database. If these are not ideal (and they very well may not be since they are display patterns) you may wish to first load a more comprehensive list of fill patterns using the Load button. Artwork provides a file called colfill.pat that has over 100 userful fills for plotting.

Fill No.
This number shows the index of the fill pattern. You generally need not concern yourself with this column.

Layer Name
This should be the L-Edit layer name. It will appear on the plot's legend.

Saves the settings to disk as a map file. The Map file contains a list of layers with the associated outline type, outline color, outline weight and fill pattern index number and is used by the PLOT engine to render the polygons and wires.

Save As...
Same as above but enables you to save the settings to a different name than the one that is currently active. This should be used if you wish to preserve these settings to use again and again.

Enables the user to load either a different map file or a different fill pattern file. You would load a different fill pattern file such as colfill.pat if you wanted to use fill patterns that were not automatically converted from L-Edit's display patterns.

Loads a preset combination of map file and pattern file that has been optimized for plotting this type of technology. A detailed description of this function is available since it is quite important.

Program Tour cont...
To see how PLOT UPI helps you create large color plots directly from within LEDIT just click on the various topics. You'll be taken step by step through the process.

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