Defining Each Plot

This is normally done automatically for you by the LEDIT UPI since the UPI knows exactly what layers are displayed, the extents of the data displayed on screen, and the selected cell. It also knows from the default plotter settings what the plot scale factor should be.

Plot Window

If selected, the PLOT program automatically calculates the extents of the cell under consideration and plots the extents.

If selected the user must enter a lower left and upper right coordinates of the window to plot.

Scale or Fit

If selected the PLOT program automatically finds the scale factor that fits the area to plot as large as possible into the available page.

If the user supplies a fixed scale factor (such as 50 or 100) then the plot will be scaled to this size.  You should then push the Calc Area button to see the plot size. If the plot size is larger than your page size it would be clipped and you may wish to reconsider the scale you have chosen.

Output to File

Normally the plot output is send to a Windows plotter or printer. However there are occassions when you would like to write the output to disk. If so, enter a filename here or use the Browse button to select an existing filename.

Program Tour cont...

To see how PLOT UPI helps you create large color plots directly from within LEDIT just click on the various topics. You'll be taken step by step through the process.

The Macro Pull Down

The Main Plotting Dialog Box


Plotter and Page Size Setup

Layer Fills and Colors

Plot View | Cell | Window

Optimized Color and Fill Patterns

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