The Main PLOT Dialog Box

As soon as you click on the Plot macro the main Plot Dialog box will open. This controls the entire plotting process through various sub dialog boxes.

Opens a dialog box that lets you configure the behavior of the plotting software. Normally you only need to do this once to suit your particular machine and plotting environment. the PLOT UPI stores these settings in the registry so they do not need to be re-entered from session to session.

Plot/Page Definition
The PLOT UPI automatically creates the list of layers to plot but if you wish to control scaling you can do it from this window. You need not access this window at all if you accept the default scale factor.

Setup Plotter Parameters
This dialog box enables you to define the plotter's page size, margins, orientation, dpi, data format and name. Usually, once this is set you need not ever mess with it unless you are changing the page size or destination plotter.

Setup Layer Fills and Colors
The Plot UPI automatically generates fill patterns from the display patterns stored in the L-Edit database. So you can ignore this dialog box altogether. But, and its a big one, the display fill patterns are generally very poor ones for plotting. Your plots will be dark and muddy. This is because the plotter behaves fundementally different than the display. Therefore this dialog lets you manually assign alternate fill patterns or even to load a set of optimized fill patterns that you keep on disk.

Plot Cell
This will plot the entire extents of the current cell. (Even if you are zoomed in to a portion of the cell).

Plot View
This will plot your current view - exactly what you see on the screen. The PLOT UPI picks up the screen extents from an L-Edit function call...

Plot Window
This will enable you to use the mouse to define a window within the area that is already displayed. The corners of the window will determine what is plotted.

Log Info
This pops open a display windows that lets you examine the contents of the plot log file. Generally not very interesting but useful when tracking down a problem....

Program Tour cont...
To see how PLOT UPI helps you create large color plots directly from within LEDIT just click on the various topics. You'll be taken step by step through the process.

The Macro Pull Down

The Main Plotting Dialog Box


Plotter and Page Size Setup

Layer Fills and Colors

Plot View | Cell | Window

Optimized Color and Fill Patterns

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