Installation of Keycodes for L-Edit Network Floating Licenses

The keycodes for the program should have been sent via email for the L-Edit DXF or L-Edit Plot Macros. If not, please Contact Artwork to receive them. Assuming you have the keycodes, please follow the directions below.

First, go to C:\winnt and open the file LSERVRC into NotePad or some other text editor.

Copy the keycodes from the email and paste them to the bottom of the file in NotePad and Save the file.


Now, go to the Control Panel...


...and Open the Services Section.

Select the LicenseServ Service and Click on Stop.

A window will appear asking if you're sure you want to stop the License Server. Click Yes.

Make sure the LicenseServ Service is still selected and press Start.

This will complete the keycode installation and the L-Edit Macros can now be installed.

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