Revision History for L-Edit DXF UPI

v5.59 4/24/2000

Update timestamp
Change timestamp and copyright message to year 2000.

v5.58 11/23/1999

Fix Import Crash Problem
DXF Import would crash when launched immediately after L-Edit starts up. This problem is fixed in this version.

v5.57 4/30/1999

Added support for LEDIT 8.0.

v5.56 12/17/1998

Fix "Macro Exception" Error When the keycode string is invalid (or missing the last two "SP" characters), previous version crashed with a "Macro Exception" error. This version will generate a meaningful message, and continue running the program in DEMO mode.

v5.55 9/14/1998

Match engine version
Jump from 5.50 to match engine version number.

SentinelLM Compatibility
Use latest lserv42.dll module to request license from SentinelLM 6.01 server. This now enables us to run concurrently with Tanner's license manager.

v5.50 4/28/1998

LServ Version 4 Support
Added supportfor LicenseServ Version 4. Updated the internal product id to avoid conflict with ASM 3500. Different keycodes must now be generated compared to earlier versions.

Bug Fix Launching the Macro
In L-EDIT v7, when no active layout window is opened, launching the macros would generate "macro exception" error. This is now fixed.

Ignore Dummy AutoCAD Blocks
Previous versions ignored the dummy DXF blocks _MODEL_SPACE and _PAPER_SPACE. This version recognizes two additional dummy blocks: $MODEL_SPACE and $PAPER_SPACE.

v5.49 3/3/1998

Floating License Manager Added
Added support for the Lserv4 floating license manager. Requires the additional dlls: llser.dll lserv41.dll lsapiw32.dll which must reside in the LIB directory.

v5.46 2/18/1998

First version released for Tanner Distribution
This is the first version of the DXF macro that was released for general consumption via Tanner EDA. It has been tested together with L-Edit 7.0 to be released in March 98.

Installation now uses Install Shield's wizard and automatically checks for presence of required MFC DLL's and installs them as necessary. This version also attempts to detect whether L-Edit 6.6 or 7.0 is installed and then loads the proper DLLs - though we expect that very few 6.6 versions will ever be used in the field.

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