Installing the DXF Macro

Artwork's DXF to GDSII software is installed into L-Edit as a macro. You need to first install the software, then add the macro and finally enter the key strings to authorize execution of the macro.

Where to Install

If you loaded the L-Edit 10.0 it should have created two subdirectories under the L-Edit root. For example suppose you choose to install L-Edit in the directory c:\TANNER\LEDIT100 - then under this directory the L-Edit install should create the subdirectory called dxf. See below:

        |--- acs.key         
To add the DXF to GDSII macro to L-Edit do the following:

Start up L-Edit and open a database (any database doesn't matter). Click on Tools | Macro.

The macro dialog box should open up. Click on Load.

A File selection dialog will pop up. Set Files of type: DLL Files and open the DXF directory. You should see dxfio.dll. Click on dxfio.dll and then click on Open.

The dxfio.dll file will appear in the lower half of the macro dialog box.

Highlight it by clicking on it.

Then check the box marked Load Files at Startup.

Then click on Close.

When you next click on Tools you will now see the Import DXF and Export DXF macro listed as available.

Each time you start up L-Edit the macro will be automatically loaded.

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