Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd Error -16,287 on Solaris

This error message appears when you try to launch lmgrd on Solaris with our artwork daemon.

The error message reported by the license manager will look something like this..

7:45:18 (lmgrd) Starting vendor daemons ...
7:45:18 (artwork) FLEXlm version 8.1b
7:45:18 (lmgrd) Started artwork (internet tcp_port 58319 pid 3655)
7:45:18 (artwork) Server started on server for:   ACS55O
7:45:18 (artwork) Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd (Cannot read data from
license server (-16,287:22 "Invalid argument"))


This problem frequently happens on the Solaris operating system 
and it has to do with select() and file descriptors set to > 1024.

Start lmgrd from a shell script
The script should look like:

ulimit -n 1024
ulimit -H -n 1024
lmgrd [...]

where [...] is the lmgrd arguments. This resets the limit to 1024 for lmgrd, 
which resolves the problem.

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