Revision History for MSK2PADS

This document summarizes enhancements and fixes to the MSK2PADS. Please consult this page on a regular basis to determine what changes have been made to our programs.

v3.29    (5/21/1998)

Fix Arc output bug in M2PADS
Clockwise arc was not translated correctly. This is now fixed.

Fix Self-intersect check bugs in M2PADS Some valid polygons were flagged as illegal. This is now fixed.

Known problem
Polygon with arc is not checked for self-intersection reliably.

v3.28    (5/19/1998)

Help File
Use latest help file.

Fix bug in Self-intersect check
- The Self-intersecting polygon checking routine flagged polygon segments that "cross" each other. Re-entrant polygon segments that touch but not "cross" each other were not flaged. The latter condition is now flagged.

v3.27    (05/09/98)

Added Y2K Compliant Floating License Manager

Updated to use LSERV 4 which is Y2K compliant and also enables both servers and clients on 95/NT.

Added variable number for max vertex

The previous version 3.16 automatically broke up polygons that were greater than 100 vertices. This version allows the user to specify max vertices since PADS 2.1 supports more and in the future we expect continued increase in number of allowable vertices.

v3.16   (01/08/96)

First version used for testing and documentation. Never released due to the small number of allowable vertices in PADS 1.5.

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