Revision History for BFLAT_PRO

This document summarizes enhancements and fixes to the BFLAT PRO. Please consult this page on a regular basis to determine what changes have been made to our programs.

v3.10 (4/13/1999)

Overflow errors
On some DXF files the program would generate an overflow errors. This is now fixed.

v3.09 (3/19/1999)

OBJECT section, which comes after the ENTITIES section, was needlessly translated in previous versions. When an object in the OBJECT section is bigger than 32K bytes (which is possible), previous versions generated a meaningless error message box. This version fixes the problem by not translating the OBJECT section.

v3.08 (2/01/1999)

Fix Code 3 bug in TEXT
Previous versions translated ATTRIB to TEXT with an extra Code 3 group. This group would caused AutoCAD to generate an error. This is now fixed.

v3.07 (1/26/1999)

ATTDEF entities are dropped from the output, unless CONSTANT flag is set. (Non-constant ATTDEF will have a matching ATTRIB when the block is inserted.)

v3.04 (08/27/1998)

Added Support for Dimension Entity
Add support of AutoCAD's DIMENSION entity in DXF input.

v3.03 (06/18/1998)

Update the AutoCAD Layer Table
This version now updates the DXF layer table to show only the layers that were passed through. The previous version did not update the layer table.

Logs Time Required
The time required to filter the DXF file is now reported in the log file. This was done primarily for benchmarking purposes.

Block Dependence Tree
Ver 3.03 now outputs a one-leve block dependence tree to the log file. Useful for determining which blocks are referred to by other blocks.

Fixed bug in Block Insertion Attributes
ATTRIB entity in the original ENTITIES section was not translated as TEXT, if it came immediately after an INSERT entity. ATTRIB entities appearing in the BLOCKS section were translated correctly. This bug is now fixed.

v3.02 (6/04/1998)

Speed Improvement
Improved speed by at least 4X.

Capitalized Layer Names
Output all layer names in upper case to make them most compatible with older versions of DXF.

Add Buffer Size Command Line Option
Add -bs# option, where # is a non-zero number; this # value indicates the data buffer size in M Bytes the engine should use to buffer input and output data. This # value should use at most one-quarter of the physical RAM in the machine. e.g. if the computer has 64M RAM installed, the maximum buffer size should be 16M - i.e. -bs16. Default value is 4M bytes. We did not measure significant improvement when going from 4MB to 16MB buffer so we do not recommend that users change the default value.


never released to production. An interim version.

v3.00 (05/15/1998)

First release of BFlat Pro engine. Never released to production.

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