SmartDie - Revision History

The following notes describe changes, fixes and enhancements to SmartDie. Where version numbers are skipped it is normally due to the fact that the version never left the development area.

ACSLIB 3.46, SmartDie 1.30 5/27/2017

AutoCAD 2017/2018 64 bit support

New versions of ACSLIB and Wirebond with support for AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD2018.
These versions make use of 32/64 bit registry hives and break out HKLM from HKCU for install settings/user settings.

ACSLIB 3.43, Smartdie 1.28 3/15/2017

AutoCAD 2017 64 bit support

New versions of ACSLIB and Smartdie with support for AutoCAD 2017.

Smartdie Version 1.27/ACSLIB 3.42 February 4,2015

New Install

New Installer for ACSLIB and SmartDie.

Smartdie Version 1.26/ACSLIB 3.32 February 4,2014

Various Updates

All installers have consistent version labeling in the splash screen and all installers have the new, smaller window size.

Other updates include:

  • Modified tec file to support DIE_SNAP and FINGER_SNAP parameters.
  • New NetOut using new snap parameters.
  • New NCOut with snap parameters added to GUI.

  • Smartdie Version 1.25 February 15, 2011

    SmartDie for AutoCAD 2011 64bit

    A new version for AutoCAD2011 64 bit is now available.

    Smartdie Version 1.23 May 15, 2008

    SmartDie and ACSLIB for AutoCAD2008

    A new version for AutoCAD2008 is now available. It is the same version as for AutoCAD2007

    USB Support

    Added USB key support.

    Smartdie Version 1.22 September 6, 2006

    SmartDie and ACSLIB for AutoCAD2007

    A new version for AutoCAD2007 is now available.

    ACSLIB 2.56 May 13, 2005

    Update for FlexNode Licensing

    the gdsfilt and gds2dxf modules used in the GDSII Import were updated to fully support FlexLM node locking. Prior to this the older modules first checked for a floating network license.

    SmartDie 1.16/ACSLib 2.34 November 18, 2003

    Flexlm Node Lock Support

    This version adds support for Flexlm node locking

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