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Dual Installation for SPB 16.6 and 17.2

April 19, 2017

Steve DiBartolomeo

When Cadence updated from SPB 16.6 to SPB 17.2 the internals were changed sufficiently that we had to split the AWROut into two separate (and incompatible) versions. The version for SPB 16.6 is called AWROut and the version for 17.2 is called AWROut17.2.

If you only have one version installed then you install the corresponding version of AWROut and no further special actions need be taken.

However if you have both SPB 16.6 and SPB 17.2 installed on the same machine then

    a) you will need to install AWROut and AWROut17.2 (in separate directories)

    b) Before doing so, you will need to delete lines in your initialization file that load Those lines will be replaced by a pair of new lines that check for the version and load the appropriate version of AWROut.

Initialization File Customization

1) Locate the Cadence PCBENV directory

This can normally be found by checking for an environmental variable HOME and searching the specified directory. For example, if your user name is joe, then the environment variable HOME might point to: C:\Users\joe.

2) Identify the SKILL Initialization files

Inside the pcbenv directory, locate the three SKILL initialization files: apd.ilinit, allegro.ilinit and cdnsip.ilinit.

3) Edit the Initialization Files

Open each of them using a text editor such as notepad. (Don't use an editor that might save non-ascii characters)

4) Remove the line loading AWROut

In each of the ilinit files, look for the line:

(load "C:/WCAD/AWROut/")

this line would have been generated by an earlier install of AWROut. Delete the line and save the file.

5) Install AWROut

Now you can install either (or both) AWROut and AWROut17.2. The installer will update the .illinit files to include the line:

(if (axlVersion 'version) == 16.6 then (load "C:/WCAD/AWROut/")) for AWROut.

(if (axlVersion 'version) == 17.2 then (load "C:/WCAD/AWROut 17.2/")) for AWROut17.2

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