AIFVU Revision History

AIFVU Revision History

The following notes describe changes, fixes and enhancements to AIFVU. Where version numbers are skipped it is normally due to the fact that the version never left the development area.

1.05 [04/18/2002]

Structural Enhancements

No feature changes -- but the code has been "cleaned up" in preparation use as the chassis for AIFVU PRO. One result is that the program is much faster.

1.05 [04/18/2002]

Bug Fix in Net Assignments

Fixed a bug which assigned incorrect nets to pins in some AIF files.

Added net support for when BGA section used

Prior to this version, if the balls were generated using the [BGA] section their net property was not updated from the AIF file.

Ratsnest Function

Added a rastnest display for pins that share common nets.

Name Change

Changed application name from AIFVU to AIFVU LT. This is to distinguish the free version (AIFVU LT) from the planned licensed version (AIFVU) which will have additional functions.

1.04 [04/16/2002]

Text Size

This version gives the user the ability to control the text size with individual settings for ball, finger and die pads.

BGA Ball Support

This version supports the BGA section in the AIF file. If that section is present then AIFVU will autogenerate the ball placement per the definitions in the BGA section.

Here is a quick summary of the [BGA] Section:

NAME=BGA                     name (ref designator)
WIDTH=35000                  package outline in same units as  AIF file
PITCH=1000                   center-center spacing between ball pads
CHAMFER=UR 1000              a chamfer on the outline.
POPULATION= 34 34            number of balls along x and y
DEPOPULATION= 24 24          remove this many balls in the interior
REPOPULATION= 0 0            add back in this many balls (typically ground)
BALL=CIRCLE 750              ball pad shape and size
A1=UR                        location of A1 (looking from above the package)

1.03 [04/05/2002]


previous versions would always print the entire extents of the data -- this version prints the extents as seen on the screen display allowing you to zoom in and print a small region.

Zooming and Panning is Enhanced
    All zoom/pan modes can be exited using Escape.
  1. Zoom In, Zoom Out and Zoom Window can be exited by right-clicking.
  2. AIFVU supports arrow key panning.
  3. You can switch between dynamic pan/zoom by right-clicking.
  4. AIFVU supports a number of shortcuts which are listed in the menus.
Display Speed Up

Implemented drawing the AIF data to a memory-based enhanced metafile on opening the document. The Windows re-paint mechanism now draws this data, rather than re-eading the AIF database. This speeds up drawing and smooths panning/zooming.

1.02 [04/01/2002]

Fixed Window Sizing Problem

Version 1.01 had a window size problem that forced it to run either fully maximized or minimized. This has been fixed.

1.01 [03/25/2002]

Initial Release

This is the first release of AIFVU

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