AIFVU Pro Plans

Quite a few of you who have downloaded our free AIF Viewer have suggested that we add additional features that would make it more useful. We'd like to continue doing this for free, but our kids aren't out of college and until then we still need to put a few dollars away for tution, books and board.

We've decided to release a Pro version of AIFVU for all of you that find it useful enough to pay a few bucks. Below you will find some some functions we plan to add to AIFVU Pro in addition to the functions that are in AIFVU LT. The price? We haven't made a final decision but are leaning towards a price of about $395 which should make it easy to justify to management without the "dog and pony" show.

Import Attribute

Import attribute will allow the user to read in attributes in column format -- for example you may have a table of ball number vs. netnames.

Pad Edit

Pad Edit (actually Pin Edit) will let you click on a pin and the floating dialog will display its properties such as net, pin number etc... you will be able to change the properties of that pin.


Since you can make changes with Import Attribute and Pad Edit you will want to be able to output a new AIF file reflecting those changes.

Net Out

Similar to AIF Out but lets you build up a customized netlist output; users can specify column by column which pin and associated property should be extracted.

Highlight Net

click on any pin and all other pins (and wires and rats) that are members of the same net will light up.


The extract module pulls out all sorts of useful information:

    number of die pads on each side of the die
    total number of die pads
    minimum die pad pitch
    number of wires (if present)
    longest and shortest wire (if present)

No Connect Report

Scans through the die pads and bond fingers and reports any that are not connected. can update the display and also output an ASCII file.


Can total up the number of die nets or ball nets by name (you can ask for a count of VDD and VSS and everything else) using wildcards. This can be very useful to check ratios of power to IO, and to see how many die pads are dedicated to each function.

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