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ACS_ConvertODBInput Arguments

When converting ODB++ to other formats, the conversion is mostly controlled by arguments associates with the function ACS_ConvertODBInput. Because our converters support multiple output formats there are a a lot of arguments that apply to only certain outputs and flows. This page attempts to describe the arguments in a more detailed fashion.

It is also useful for end users who have PCB design tools but who wish to use mask writers that require GDSII stream as their input.

The Available Arguments Sorted by Function and Output Format

-gbr[:<gbr filename>] -format:>fmt_dbl_val> -step_repeat

GDSII Output












OASIS Output

-oas[:<oas filename>]









-oas_mirror:<none | x | y>

-oas_trans:<none | auto>


-oas_arg:<other oasis args>


Gerber Output

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