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Startup Script for Qckvu3

Qckvu3 can be started up using this script or you can, of course, build your own wrapper. The script is shown below with a short explanation. (Note that lines 3-5 are actually one line but broken for clarity)

#! /bin/bash                                               [1]
installDir=/home/cad/qckvu3/bin                            [2]
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${installDir}:                             [3]
 $LD_LIBRARY_PATH:                                         [4]
  ${installDir}/openaccesslib/lib/linux_rhel30_64/opt      [5]
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH                                     [6]
${installDir}/qckvu3.exe $* &                              [7]

[1] - sets the shell to bash

[2] - sets the variable installDir to the location where the qckvu3 binary is located.

[3] = adds to the library path the qckvu3 binary and also the open access library installation (which is installed as part of Qckvu3 to enable viewing of OA files)

[6] exports the changes to the library path

[7] executes qckvu3 passing it the filename as the first argument and running in the background.

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