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Artwork's Qckvu 3.0 now supports layout views for Open Access (OA) databases.


In addition to the basic viewer functions, Artwork is willing to customize the viewer to fit into an OEM application and to integrate additional modules with functions such as net tracing, boolean operations and remote control, scripting or editing.

main display of oa viewer


The user can change commands and modes via the toolbar buttons.

toolbar 1

toolbar 2

Layer Settings

Each layer can be assigned a unique outline color, fill color and fill pattern. Layers can be assigned "names" which will be displayed in the layer toolbar. Once you have gotten your colors and fills and descriptions set up, you can save them to a "map" file and pull it up later when viewing the same file or a different file based on the same "technology."

layer settings dialog


Cell Browser

Any cell within a design hierarchy can be selected for viewing using the cell (structure) browser.

OA layout viewer cell browser



The OA Layout viewer is available on:
Sun Ultra Sparc
Solaris 10 64 bit
Linux X86
RedHat 4+ 32/64 bit

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