DXF2MEN Revision History

v1.34 (2/09/1998)

No changes made to the dxf2men direction but the revision number is bumped up to track with changes to men2dxf.

v1.33 (1/29/1998)

Fixed Long Path Name Bug

The first translation pass supported a maximum 128 character file name. When data file name is longer than 128 characters, the program behave erratically. the path/filename can now be up to 256 characters long.
reported by Dave Huberty, Lockheed Martin.

v1.28 (08/29/97)

Bug Fix: Unexpected geom font file

When the DXF has no STYLE table dxf2men would output a geom font name of "FONT0". BoardStation cannot import such a geom file. Now dxf2men defaults to "std" if no style table is found in the DXF. Note: such files appear to be generated by ProEngineer.

reported by Jim Robertson of Fineline

Bug Fix: Text entities close to drawing extents dropped.

A bug due to incorrectly initialized variables dropped TEXT located close to the specified clipping window. Adjusting the "CLIP_EXTENTS" parameter in "mentor.cfg" didn't always alleviate the problem. This behavior is fixed.

v1.27 (08/16/97)

No information provided by Antonio Morawksi.

v1.26 (07/25/97)

No information provided by Antonio Morawski.

v1.25 (07/16/97)

NULL, null, nul, NUL layer filter added
Updated NULL layer usage. The layer name "null" is reserved to indicate to dxf2men that this layer data should be discarded. Added support for NULL, nul, NUL to "null". This avoids accidentally creating an undesired layer in the geometry file called "null".

reported by Kurt Schwartz

v1.21 (05/05/97)

Dimension and Hatch block names fixed
dxf2men now converts hatch blocks (*h1,*h2...) and dimension blocks (*d1, *d2 ...) into legal part names for the Mentor geometry file _h1, _h2..._d1, _d2...

reported by Kurt Schwartz

Enable user to control name/path of log file
A new command line switch for dxf2men is -log:filename. This enables the user or a calling program to specify the complete path and filename for the log file. The command line switch is optional - if not present men2dxf will write the log file to the same directory as the source file and will name it filename.log where filename is derived from the source name.

requested by Kurt Schwartz

v1.20 (05/05/97)

Antonio did not supply info on changes made to this version.

v1.19 (05/05/97)

Antonio did not supply info on changes made to this version.

v1.18 (05/05/97)

Fixed problem with long PATH or Complex Boundary
Version 1.17 and earlier would crash with signal 11 due to memory leak when path or boundaries had more than approx 800 vertices.

v1.17 (05/05/97)

- When TEXT_WEIGHT parameter in mentor.cfg file is set to 0 (zero), an arbitrary number was used in the width parameter of the $$text function. This bug is now fixed in this version.

v1.16 (05/02/97)

Version Jump to 1.16 to get in sync with men2dxf

TEXT_WEIGHT Control Added
- Add a new configuration keyword TEXT_WEIGHT to the dxf2men config file, mentor.cfg. This keyword specifies the mininum text line width going to be used in outputing Mentor $$text function. In other words, Mentor $$text will not use Mininum Line Width parameter but has its own parameter independent of min_line_width.


First release of the dxf2men translator.

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