Translation Mapping

BoardStation DXF Comment
geometry file entities
line/path polyline P-line supports width and multiple vertices.
circle circle -
arc arc or pline arc -
polygon zero width closed polyline Closest AutoCAD entity to a polygon. Does not appear solid on screen.
pointer lines/text Board Station pointer is equivalent to a DXF dimension leader. Built from lines, circles and text as needed. Blocked.
dimension lines/text Built in DXF from lines and text and made into a block.
text text Supports the various text modifications such as size, reference point, rotation and mirroring. Also can pass font information; AutoCAD user will need to have and equivalent SHX font to get identical results.
create block defn. The create command in Board Station is equivalent to a block definition in AutoCAD. The add command in Mentor is equivalent to the block insertion in AutoCAD.
layer attribute layer names -
component insertion block insertion A component insertion refers to a component definition in the geometry file, a x,y location and a rotation.
reference designator block attribute The reference designator such as C1 or U11 is translated into a visible block attribute.
trace file
trace polyline The trace file contains a list of circuit traces, each with a width and a series of vertices.
via ignored It is not clear how the via should be translated into DXF.
area fill zwcp A zero width closed polyline in DXF is used to simulate the area fill boundary. Note that AutoCAD cannot fill this boundary unless the user invokes the hatch command on it.

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