ANF for Si-Wave


SI-Wave uses different algorithms for planes and traces. For traces, the edge effect (i.e. capacitive coupling) is taken into account and is ignored for planes. Therefore a design which is expressed as all plane data (as we currently do in NETEX-G) will not simulate very well.

NETEX-G only produces plane data because its first step is to unionize all of the Gerber input data which results in only closed polygons. In order to pass out trace data into ANF we are attempting to re-introduce them by "recognizing" polygons that have the characteristics of traces.

Test Files

In order to refine this new trace recognition routine, we are collecting a wide range of Gerber files and converting them to ANF. We are then working closely with several users who will run SI-Wave and advise us if 1) we are getting all of the critical traces, 2) if we are correctly writing trace data as needed by SI-Wave.

The zipped files referenced below are test cases. They are zipped using a password because the files are proprietary customer files and only available under NDA. A code name, snapshot and short description are provided for each file.





Layers: 4

Size: 4 x 4 inch

File: 688 KB

file includes njb, gerber, ipc and anf. password protected.






Layers: 10

Size: 9 x 9 inch

File: 2.25 MB

Notes: includes njb, gerbers, ipc, anf. password protected.






Layers: 14

Size: 14 x 13 inch

File: 5.45 MB

File contains Gerbers, njb, anf, ipc. Most routing is on internal layers. This is a very demanding example. password protected.






Layers: 4

Size: 94 x 94 mm

File: 337 KB

File contains Gerbers/drill, njb, anf,. This is a very simple example. Routes on top/bottom layer.not password protected.






Layers: 6

Size: 37 x 14 mm

File: 200 KB

File contains Gerbers/drill, njb, anf,. This is a multi-layer file with routes on top/bottom and inner layers.password protected.






Layers: 2

Size: 1 x 0.75 inch

File: 200 KB

File contains Gerbers/drill, njb, anf,. This is a 2 layer file with routes on top/bottom. Flexboard. Will be challenging.password protected.


Benchmark Files

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