Downloading GBRVU/X

Click on the binary for your machine.. Then email us with your name, organization, address, phone, fax etc.... and your hostid and hostname. We'll email the unzipping password and a set of temporary key strings.

Example Email

Dear Hagai,

I would like to evaluate GBRVU/X on Sun running Solaris 2.55.
I've already picked it off your ftp site. Please send me 
temporary key strings for:

hostid = 20056789ab    hostname = bogusboy

I plan to use the program to convert Gerber files of my 
board into DXF that can be used with Ansoft's parasitic 
extraction tool.

Thanks much,

John Boy  
International Harvesting and IC Design
10087 Champion Way Bldg 43
Topeka Kansas 09323
Tel (450) 132-2213 Fax (450) 132-2113

Files to Download

The executable file name includes the platform info and version.

[2.28 Mbytes] zipped requires password

[1.15 Mbytes] zipped requires password

[1.4 Mbytes] zipped requires password

Unzipping on Unix

The release is zipped using a shareware version of unzip that supports passwords. If your version of unzip does not support passwords please download the one available below:




untar it into your /usr/local/bin or somewhere in your PATH. Once installed in your PATH you can simply use it by typing:

unzip filename

This program is compatible with PKZIP compression used on PCs.

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