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The gbrspool Configuration Program

GBRipSpool reads a configuration program located in the same directory as GBRipSpool. The configuration program is an ASCII file that controls all aspects of how the monitor runs. The GUI reads and writes this file.

# GBRipSpool Configuration File   

DisplayStatus: <Y/N>              changed by "Run in Foreground"

Timeout: <integer>                seconds to timeout       

HOTFOLDER: <string>               name of the Hot Folder

Path: <string>                    path of the Hot Folder

Destination: <string>             output of the Hot Folder

GerberFormat: <RS274X/RS274D>     format of Gerber input files

[Aperture: <string>]              path of the aperture file, only for RS274D

[Archive: <string>]               path to archive folder, only if archive is on

GerberExtensions: <string>        comma-separated list of Gerber file extensions 
Unit: <inch/mm>                   units in Gerber file

DPI: <integer>                    Dots Per Inch

Format: <Tiff/Packbits/           Output format

Flatness: <integer>               amount to flatten curves

Inverse: <Y/N>                    Whether to invert polarity

Rotate: <double>                  Degrees to rotate counterclockwise

MirrorX: <Y/N>                    whether to mirror horizontally

MirrorY: <Y/N>                    whether to mirror vertically

ScaleX: <double>                  factor for horizontal scaling

ScaleY: <double>                  factor for vertical scaling

Clip: <Y/N>                       Y for manual clip region, N for automatic

Repeat: <Y/N>                     Y to step and repeat image, N otherwise

StepNX: <integer>                 times to repeat horizontally, if Repeat: Y

StepDX: <double>                  horiz. distance between repeats, if Repeat: Y

StepNY: <integer>                 times to repeat vertically, if Repeat: Y

StepDY: <double>                  vert. distance between repeats, if Repeat: Y

Margin: <double>                  margin around image

ImageWidth: <double>              width of image, only if no margin

ImageHeight: <double>             height of image, only if no margin

Centered: <Y/N>                   Y if image to be centered, only if no margin

OffsetX: <double>                 image x offset from lower-right, if no 
                                  margin & not centered

OffsetY: <double>                 image y offset from lower-right, if no 
                                  margin & not centered  
# GBRipSpool Configuration File

DisplayStatus: Y
Timeout: 300

HOTFOLDER: 274x - inch
Path: E:\gbrip\274xinch
Destination: E:\gbrip\output
GerberFormat: RS274X
GerberExtensions: gbr,gbrt,ger,art,pho,274x
Unit: inch
DPI: 1000
Format: Bitmap
Colors: 16
Flatness: 1
Inverse: Y
Rotate: 90
MirrorX: Y
MirrorY: N
ScaleX: 1
ScaleY: 1.5
Clip: N
Repeat: Y
StepNX: 1
StepDX: 26.6
StepNY: 1
StepDY: 13.3
ImageWidth: 54.56
ImageHeight: 43.5
Centered: Y

Additional Specifications

Input Format
Gerber RS274X. Standard RS274D cannot be processed without an Aperture File.

Output Format
TIFF-B (with either RLE or Packbits compression), BMP, and Raw Bitmaps.

Operating System
Windows NT or Windows 2000.

500 MHz or better CPU.
512 MB RAM (more is better for large input files or output pages).
2-3 GB or available disk space (depends on input/output file size).

GBR_RIP is licensed on a per machine/CPU basis. Only one instance of GBR_RIP can be run per license.
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