Configuring Hot Folders

Each Hot Folder (also known as a “watched folder” ) can be configured separately for a different RIP behavior. For example, one might set up a “standard” hot folder where the RIP does no rotation, mirroring or scaling. Any Gerber file sent to this hot folder is processed directly as drawn by the user.

A second hot folder could be defined that rotates the input data by 90 degrees around the center of the plate. You could call this hot folder rotate90.

Run in Foreground - When this option is checked, the GBR_RIP Program will automatically appear in the foreground when a new file is placed in a “hot folder”.

Timeout - When this option is checked, the program will stop trying to process a file after the specified number of seconds in which the user has entered. If this item is not checked, the program will continue to process the file endlessly.

Hot Folder Configuration

In general, for each hot folder the RIP can be configured to run differently. The RIP actually reads a configuration file but rather than force the end user to manually edit it we have provided a GUI that can read and write such a file.

Click on any of the various sections for more details on its function.

hot_folder_configuration hot_folder_id hot_folder_path output_path gerber_format data_transform clip_input_data step_and_repeat rip_settings image_size

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