Running Edge Rasterizer in batch mode

Users can also run the Edge Rasterizer from a command line. This makes it easier for OEMs to launch the software from their own application.

In this example, we have a Gerber file called gerber_test.gbr in the following directory C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples
Here is a typical command line to convert the gerber file using Edge Rasterizer engine...

c:\wcad\gbrvu\erstrmgr.exe C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples\gerber_test.gbr -out:C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples\gerber_test.gbr -wdir:C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples -dotsize:0.05 -pitch:63.33334%% -dpi:5080 -filling:1 -arcres:9 -arcsag:0 -boolengargs -thrnum:1 -nclip:1,1 _LASTBOOLARG_ -dropletsengargs -thrnum:1 -nclip:1,1 _LASTDROPLETSARG_

Here are some of the important command line parameters:

c:\wcad\gbrvu\erstrmgr.exe                          Edge rasterizer engine
C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples\gerber_test.gbr           Input file to process
-out:C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples\gerber_test.gbr      Output is in Gerber with "gerber_test" as base name.
-wdir:C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples                     Working directory where output files will be saved
-dotsize:0.05                                       Droplet size of 0.05(mm in this case).
-pitch:63.33%%                                      Pitch value 63.33% (you must put two percent signs, one is used as an escape character)
-dpi:5080                                           5080 dots per inch
-arcres:9 -arcsag:0                                 Arc resolution is 9 degrees.
nclip:1,1                                           Manual partitioning of the database
-thrnum:1                                           The number of threads per process that can be used.

If you wish to create a TIFF output, you need to add the -outtype:tiff command line option.

c:\wcad\gbrvu\erstrmgr.exe C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples\gerber_test.gbr -out:C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples\gerber_test.tif -wdir:C:\wcad\GBRVU\er_examples -dotsize:0.05 -pitch:63.33334%% -dpi:5080 -filling:1 -arcres:9 -arcsag:0 -outtype:tiff -boolengargs -thrnum:1 -nclip:1,1 _LASTBOOLARG_ -dropletsengargs -thrnum:1 -nclip:1,1 _LASTDROPLETSARG_

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