Edge Rasterizer
High Speed Inkjet Rasterizer for Electronic Printing
Tolerance Range
Because the constraints of grid address and nominal pitch conflict, it is not possible to always obtain the desired pitch that is specified in the Raster Settings section. The computations made in the Tolerance range section give the designer an idea about what the actual pitch will be along with the edge smoothness.
Notch Depth
The notch depth is the depth of the notch formed when two droplets intersect as shown in the diagram. This is computed using the Nominal Pitch and the droplet diameter.
Pitch Bounds
The designer may request a particular pitch or percent overlap but this value is not necessarily achievable since droplets must be placed on the grid. The program will pick a pitch (at least for 0/90 directions) that achieves the desired overlap or tighter while keeping the droplets on grid. Therefore this computation uses the droplet diameter, the nominal pitch and the grid spacing.

In the example at right, the droplet diameter = 60 um and the two pitches shown are 20 um and 15 um. If the user specifies a pitch of 17 um the program cannot achieve that given the DPI. Therefore it will pick the tighter pitch.

This is the number of grid increments (i.e .for a 5080 DPI one grid increment is equal to 5 um) that is used by the program when spacing the droplets.