Raster Settings

This section defines the important parameters for the rasterizer.

Droplet Dia.

The user specifies the diameter of the droplet here.

Nominal Pitch

The user specifies the desired or nominal pitch of the droplets as a number of grid pixels. Mininum value = 3 pixels. The actual spacing is a function of your DPI setting.


If DPI=5080 (i.e. one pixel = 5um) and the Nominal Pitch = 3 then there will be 15 um spacing betweeen droplets.

Grid Resolution

the number of grid points per unit. For example a common grid resolution = 5080 DPI which works out to a 5 um grid.



raster setting section with units = inch.

raster setting section with units = um

Additional Offset

The placement of the droplets is offset towards the interior of a region by 1/2 of the droplet diameter. However the user may wish to change that by adding to subtracting from the offset in this field. For example, if one wanted to account for a certain amount of etch factor this would be the location to add the etch factor.


Enter the units for your settings. Note that one can toggle between units for convenience. Often a user may enter the grid resolution in inches (i.e. DPI = dots/inch) but the droplet diameter in um.