Edge Rasterizer
High Speed Inkjet Rasterizer for Electronic Printing
Program Flow
The Edge rasterizer can be used in two modes: Engineering mode in which one produces Gerber output that simulates the droplet output. This mode is most useful when testing tradeoffs between drop diameter, grid address and droplet pitch. However it should be used only for small regions as the output is quite large.

Production mode in which the output is a TIFF file. One would use this to create the TIFF bitmap used to drive the inkjet. Because the droplets are typically spaced much wider than the grid size, viewing such a TIFF file does not really give you a useful idea of how the final results will appear on substrate.
Edge Rasterizer with Gerber Output:  4 different Gerber files are produced which when viewed together show the droplet coverage and enable a user to visually inspect coverage, gaps and line precision and smoothness.