Running drl2gbr command line on Windows

drill2gbr.exe can also run from the command line for batch processing. It is important to have the proper parameters ahead of time in order to get the proper conversion.
You will need to know parameters such as Gerber and drill units, gerber and drill format, zero inclusion/suppression, drill sizes, etc.
After the conversion, we recommend loading the drill file in gerber format along with one of the other layers and make sure they are aligned. If not, you will probably need to change one or more of the settings on the command line.

drill2gbr.exe command line

Here are all the options available with drill2gbr.exe..

drill2gbr.exe -h

Drill To Gerber Version 1.08 (RCS 1.77) 07/18/2007
(C) 2002-2007 Artwork Conversion Software, Inc.

dril2gbr [input_file(s)] [options]


   -list:list_file              Get list of input files from list_file.
   -scan:scan_file              Create a scan file with general information
                                of drill file(s).
   -out:output_file             Specify output file to generate.
   -startdcode:dcode_value      Specify starting dcode to use in dcode
                                assignments of tool numbers in scan file.
   -map:map_file                Specify map file to read for obtaining user
                                mapped dcodes and diameters to tool numbers.
   -drlunits:units              Specify inch or mm for drill file(s).
   -gbrunits:units              Specify inch or mm for Gerber file(s).
   -drlformat:format_spec       Specify format for drill file(s).
   -gbrformat:format_spec       Specify format for Gerber file(s).
   -drlzeroinc:zero_mode        Specify zero include mode (leading, trailing,
                                or decimal) for drill file(s)
   -gbrzerosup:zero_mode        Specify zero suppression mode (leading,
                                trailing, or decimal) for Gerber file(s)
   -drlxymode:xy_mode           Specify mode of xy coordinates (absolute or
                                incremental) for drill file(s)
   -gbrxymode:xy_mode           Specify mode of xy coordinates (absolute or
                                incremental) for Gerber file(s)
   -apttype:ATYPE,APARMS        ATYPE can be one of C,O,P,or R.  APARMS can
                                be any RS274X ADD parameter delimited by a ','.
   -offsetx:x_value             Specify x_value by which to offset x coordinates.
   -offsety:y_value             Specify y_value by which to offset y coordinates.
   -silence                     Runs in silent mode.

drill2gbr.exe example

Here is an example command line for drill2gbr.exe.

c:\wcad\asm500\drl2gbr.exe O06.drl -out:test.gbr -startdcode:200 -map:drill_map.txt -drlunits:inch -gbrunits:inch -drlformat:2.3 -gbrformat:2.3 -drlzeroinc:trailing -gbrzerosup:leading -drlxymode:absolute -gbrxymode:absolute

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