qismview super class

The qismview super class is used to define a view window - the cell, the layers that are on or off, whether text entities should be included and finally the window.

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Defining the Cell and Nesting Levels for this View

Load a particular cell as the current view cell

virtual bool Set_view_cell(const char* cellname) = 0;

Get the current view cell

virtual const char* Get_view_cell() const = 0;

Set the level of hierarchy (nesting level) for which data is processed during traversal.

virtual void Set_nesting_level(const int level) = 0;

Get the cell hierarchy level for which data is processed during traversal.

virtual int Get_nesting_level() const = 0;

Defining Layers and Data Types for this View

Turn layers or layer:datatypes ON or OFF

virtual bool Set_layers_on(const char* layers) = 0;
virtual bool Set_layers_off(const char* layers) = 0;

Get the ON/OFF state of a layer:datatype number

  virtual bool Get_layer_onOff
                 const unsigned short layer, 
                 const unsigned short dttp
                const = 0;

Get a list of layer and datatype pairs that are currently ON

  virtual int Get_layers_on
               unsigned short*& layers, 
               unsigned short*& dttps
               const = 0;

Release the memory associated with a list of layer or datatype numbers

virtual void Free_layer_list(unsigned short* layersOrDttps) = 0;

Controlling Text Inclusion

Control whether text entities are processed during operations involving database traversal

virtual void Set_text_on(const bool set = true) = 0;

Get the text ON/OFF setting

virtual bool Get_text_on() const = 0;

Defining the Window for this View

Set the view window to the specified coordinates

virtual bool Set_exact_window(const QisMWindow& view) = 0;

Get the coordinates of the view window

virtual void Get_window(QisMWindow& view) const = 0;