int QisLib_OpenOASIS(const char* OasFileName);

	OasFileName: Name and path of the OASIS file to be opened.

	success: 0
	failure: one of the following values :

	-1: QisLib has not been initialized.
	-2: Input file name is invalid (possibly null).
	-3: This program is not licensed to work with OASIS files.
	-4: The specified OASIS file does not exist or cannot be opened.
	-5: Internal memory failure occurred while opening the specified OASIS file.
	-6: File open in progress, operation not permitted.
	1: User cancelled the current action.
	2: Usage error occurred.
	3: Usage Error: No open files.
	4: Usage Error: Invalid input parameter.
	5: Search Error: Item not found.
	6: Item undefined.
	7: Function call not allowed in this mode.
	8: Item already exists.
	9: Syntax error encountered while opening/writing the file.
	10: Syntax/Semantics Error: Invalid data.
	11: Syntax/Semantics Error: Invalid polygon in data.
	12: Syntax/Semantics Error: Invalid CBLOCK compression type.
	13: Syntax/Semantics Error: Modal variable undefined
	14: Syntax/Semantics Error: Modal variable not found.
	15: Syntax/Semantics Error: Invalid file position or number of bytes. File might be
	16: Last error...
	17: Uncompression error occurred while opening/writing the file.
	18: Uncompress Error: Corrupt CBLOCK found.
	19: Uncompress Error: Incompatible compression library found.
	20: Uncompress Error: Insufficient memory.
	21: Uncompress Error: Corrupt compressed data found.
	22: Uncompress Error: Inconsistent compression state.
	23: Uncompress Error: Buffer error.
	24: File I/O error occurred while opening/writing the file.
	25: File I/O Error. CBLOCK read/write error.
	26: File I/O Error. Read/Write error.
	27: File I/O Error: Seek error.
	28: File I/O Error: Tell error.
	29: Memory error occurred while opening/writing the file.
	30: Memory Error: Cannot allocate memory.
	31: Memory Error: Adding file to load database failed.
	32: Memory Error: Adding cell to load database failed.
	33: Memory Error: Adding data to load database failed.
	34: Memory Error: Adding reference to load database failed.
	35: Drawing error occurred.
	36: Drawing Error: Drawing polygon error.
	37: Drawing Error: Drawing rectangle error.
	38: Drawing Error: Drawing path error.
	39: Drawing Error: Drawing text error.
	40: Drawing Error: Drawing reference error.

	- Scans and loads an OASIS file.
	- For error codes 1-40, use QisLib_GetErrorMsg to get exact error string.
	- Calling QisLib_OpenOASIS while another file open [OASIS or GDSII] is in progress is
	not permitted and an error code will be returned.
	- To interrupt a file open in progress, call QisLib_Stop first.
	- If the file open operation needs to be cancelled, call QisLib_Stop. On Unix/Linux,
	in order to make this happen, the user must pass the program's application context
	to QisLib_InitLib and set QisLib_SetProcessEvents to on so that QisLib can process
	events while the file open is in progress. On Windows, simply set
	QisLib_SetProcessEvents to on.


The following functions are effective only when called before QisLib_OpenOASIS: