QisBool Library Header


QisBool is a library that performs two dimensional Boolean operations - it supports the basic operations needed when processing polygons for mask making and field analysis. These Boolean operations include:

Union - combining touching or overlapping polygons into a single polygon

Difference - subtracting one polygon (or set) from another

Intersection - finding the intersection between two polygons (or sets)

XOR - NOT the intersection of two sets.

Sizing - increasing or decreasing the size of a polygon by a specified amount

De-embedding - sorting a collection of polygons into parent and children (for purposes of polarity calculations)



Use with QISLIB

Use Standalone

Optimized for Large Data Sets

Handles All Angle Data

Thread Safe

Windows and Linux

Many Utility Functions

The calling application passes QisBool a list (or two lists) of polygons, specifies the operation and parameters and gets back a new set of polygons in memory.

qisbool flow - callling application uses library to operate on a set of polygons.

Integrated with QISLIB or Standalone

QisBool is tightly integrated with QISLIB. Data extracted from a layout with QISLIB can be immediately processed with QisBool. However if you have your own source of polygon data (say extracted from a database or otherwise generated) you can use QISBool completely independent of QISLIB.

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