View Pull Down
The view pull down controls navigation through the display. In general, these commands are accessed from the toolbars or using the mouse or short cut keys.
Layers... - opens the Layers sidebar

Redraw - forces a screen redraw

Stop - stops a redraw and associated computations.

Home - zooms to the full extents of the cell being displayed.

Previous - displays the “previous” view.

Next - displays the “next” view (only available if the previous view function has been used.

Zoom In - Zooms in by 2X around the mouse click.

Zoom Out - Zooms out by 2X around the mouse click.

Reverse Window Zoom - if checked, moving the mouse from right to left zooms out.

White/Black Backround - toggles between a white background and a black background.

Crosshairs - toggles between a small cross hair cursor and a full display width crosshair cursor.

Toolbar - if checked, turns on the toolbar ribbon.

Status Bar - if checked, turns on the status bar across the bottom of the display region.