The Info Pull Down
The info menu items are used to get information about geometries, cells and to measure distances.
Vertex - click on an entity’s vertex to highlight it and report back info on that entity.

Window - drag a small window - any entity vertices inside of the window will be available.
By tabbing through the various objects (each is highlighted) you can easily get to the desired object.

Measure - measure the distance between two pointsl.

Next Object - if you have selected more than one object, clicking on the Tab key will jump to the next object.

Next Vertex - one an object (such as a path or boundary) has been selected, clicking on the space bar will jump to the next vertex.

GDSII Report - displays a summary of the GDSII file.

Display Info - displays the extents of the current structure as well as the displays window’s extents - both in user units.
display info window