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Qckvu3 Screen Capture

Qckvu3 is Artwork's third generation layout viewer supporting GDSII and OASIS layout databases. A nice feature is the ability to capture and save the screen image to a TIFF, GIF and BMP files as well as copy the image to the clipboard. It can then be pasted to various Windows applications.

Saving image to file

First load the GDSII or OASIS file you wish view.

Adjust the outline color and fill colors as desired for the plot. Remember that your paper has a white background; therefore if you regularly use a black background change it to white and then re-evaluate your choices for color and fill.

Export Image

The File | Export Image dialog enables the user to select the desired output type (BMP, TIFF, GIF), the image size, and the output file name.

Copy Image to Clipboard

The View | Copy option will save the screen image to the clipboard. Once saved, the user can paste it to various Windows applications like Word, PowerPoint and so on.